Window on Infinity: Pictures from Space

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From Mars Curiosity’s self portrait to a destructive Saturn cyclone, view our monthly roundup of cosmic highlights from November 2012.

More Photography from Time


Is that Vger over yonder?


Whats wrong with this Picture???     well for one thing who is holding the camera??  two, it was supposedly created by stitching togother other pixs.... very good, but what does that tell us about NASA? Can we really trust them to show us the truth about anything? space, aliens, UFO's

stargate travel, the end of the world, whatever, just makes me go Hmmmm,

In the first picture from the first surjouner spacecraft, you know the one that looked like a skateboard, when NASA released the first Pix, I down loaded it to my computer and zoomed it in to maximum so i could observe any minute details just above the pixellation piont, quite honestly i was looking for shells crustacions you know stuff like that, I must say i did not find any shells, However i did notice a peculiar, object in the lower lefthand segment of the picture, I quickly e-mailed the pix to my friends, titled ALIEN ARTIFACT DISCOVERD ON MARS, of course they were not science Buffs like me so they did not respond, anyway i have since discarded that computer. Recently however i have scanned all subsequent pix released by NASA  which are exact replicas of the same camera shot, and no matter how much i search the magnified shot i cannot find the said object, it seemed to have magically dissappeared, Just something else that makes me go Hmmmmm!!