NASA’s Astronaut Day of Remembrance

Too many men and woman have died in the effort to explore space—and too many of them are unknown. NASA has set aside a day to honor them all. What follows is a remembrance the Russians and Americans who lost their lives during missions, and the NASA astronauts who lost theirs during training.

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I аlso met Pаpаdemos аt а аustriаn Centrаl Bаnk Conference, while he wаs in
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Ggb667 is right -- there were serious errors made and bad management decisions, and they are not to be swept under the rug. But the highly negative spin put on all this by Kluger seems strange when balanced against the tremendous pressure of a presidential mandate land a man on the moon in less than nine years and the international life-or-death stakes in the Space Race with the Soviet Union. How many lives have been lost in the nuclear power industry over the years, or offshore drilling for oil, or the quest for HIV medicines? How many thousands of lives have been lost in the quest for safe and efficient air travel, and how many of those deaths could have been prevented with 20-20 hindsight. It's easy to take potshots after the event -- but was Kluger as vehement and vocal while these dramas were unfolding? There are more lives that will be lost to space travel and it would be great if Mr. Kluger would go on the record now in predicting upcoming disasters so that we can all enjoy a safe and fatality free future in space.


I DISAGREE strongly.  While deaths are unfortunate and should be avoided if possible, "too many" have not died.  Great enterprises require risks and sometimes accidents happen, especially when inherently dangerous activities become routine.  Have "too many" died for us to enjoy the benefits of say the interstate highway system, or international ocean shipping?  Space exploration is no different, and offers potentially greater benefits.