Microscopic Photos of the Elements

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Ryoji Tanaka’s photographs may look like alien landscapes, but they are very much of this world. The organometallic chemist at Sagami Chemical Research Institute in Kanagawa, Japan, snaps pictures of everything from iodine to silver using a system of Nikon digital SLR cameras with macro and ultra macro lenses.

To see more of Tanaka’s work visit his website and Flickr.

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Just so you know, the symbol for thallium is Tl, not Ti. Ti is titanium. :)


it looks so graphic, so graphism is actually in nature, and everything is, just on different levelts of lenses.. everything createble exists.. amazing

TroyOwen like.author.displayName 1 Like

Woah! That is FREEKIN COOL!

Love the metals! Some look like scrub brush or a frost on bare branches! Awesome.

Great pics!