Earth, Wind and Fire: The Extreme Weather of 2013

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When it comes to weather, 2013 will be remembered primarily for Supertyphoon Haiyan, the strongest storm ever recorded at landfall, which slammed into the Philippines in early November and killed at least 6,000 people. But the typhoon wasn’t the only incidence of extreme weather this year. From the tornado that tore apart the Oklahoma town of Moore in May to the floods that drowned parts of Colorado in September, 2013 saw more than its share of storms, heat waves and other natural disasters. 2013 may not be as bad as 2012, which was the hottest year in U.S. history and featured 11 weather events that causes losses exceeding $1 billion, including Superstorm Sandy. But as these photos show, the price of extreme weather is still high.

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This is only the beginning. Climate change disasters will continue to become much worse. We have waited too long and now that is baked in the cake. All we can do now is take action to prevent truly catastrophic climate change that over 97% of climate scientists have been trying to warn us about.

if we wait any longer to transition to solar and wind energy, we risk creating run-away climate change that could end all life on Earth. This is according to The National Academy of Sciences.