Liftoff: SpaceX Launches Commercial Satellite Into Orbit

Firm's second successful launch with a reported backlog of almost 50 to go

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SpaceX, the world’s first private rocket launcher for hire, made a lengthy, barely comprehensible announcement Monday afternoon: “Falcon 9 delivered THAICOM 6 to its targeted 295 x 90,000 km geosynchronous transfer orbit at 22.5 degrees inclination.”

Translation: It launched a satellite into space.

The BBC reports that this is the company’s second successful launch of a commercial satellite and that it has a backlog of nearly 50 launches to go, more than half of which will serve commercial customers. The final frontier is now open to the highest bidder.



"a lengthy, barely comprehensible announcement"? Was this meant to be a weak attempt at humor?

Rather than sounding foolish and celebrating ignorance, perhaps you could do the actual work of being a science reporter and explain the announcement, its importance, and context to your readers. This rubbish does them a grave disservice and dishonors this publication.


I wonder if Jeffrey Kluger will now apologize for all the snarky attacks he wrote in Time Magazine

about SpaceX over the past 5 years...