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Nuclear Cruise Ships Ahoy?

Welcome aboard the cruise ship of the future: shuffle board, casino, ballroom, and….nuclear reactor?

Today Lloyd’s Register, the international standards organization for the classification and design of ships, announced that it has begun a two-year project with a consortium of companies to look into the feasibility of …

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Last Chance To Save The Wild Tiger

Later this month, heads of state and diplomats from 11 countries will meet in St. Petersburg, Russia for a “tiger summit” to discuss how to stop tigers from going extinct.

It’s the first time heads of state have gathered for a meeting about a single species. But to many conservationists, the meeting shouldn’t have been needed at all.

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Can Solar Power Lead to Blackouts?

In recent years, Germany has led the world in the adoption of solar power. Now the country’s national energy agency is concerned that Germans’ love of sun beams may paradoxically leave them in the dark.

In an interview with Berliner Zeitung on Oct. 17, Stephan Köhler, head of Germany’s energy agency DENA said harnessing the sun’s …

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Venture Capital in Europe

Day two of the European Future Energy Forum in London and today I wanted to get a sense of the state of venture capital investment in cleantech and renewables in Europe. Specifically, how does it compare to the U.S?

Before he took the stage for a panel discussion titled “Low Carbon Financing in Europe—State of Play” I caught up …

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The Future of Energy in Europe

I just spent an interesting morning at the European Future Energy Forum in London. The opening panel debate—titled “Movers and Shakers”—included representatives from European governments, industry and NGOs. A full line-up can be found here.

The conversation was fast-paced but seemed to orbit around what will happen if the next …

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Hundreds Die of Lead Poisoning in Nigeria

These days, environmentalism has become synonymous with the fight against climate change. But good green campaigners know that more immediate environmental challenges still exist.

That reality hit home yesterday when the United Nations said it will send an emergency team to Nigeria, after 200 children died in an outbreak of lead …

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