Mia Tramz

Mia Tramz joined TIME.com as an Associate Photo Editor in April 2013. Previously she spent two years as the Assistant Director of an e-commerce start up that specialized in selling fine art photography. She has also worked at Milk Studios, and held internships at Magnum Photos and Vanity Fair. She is a graduate of Columbia University.

Articles from Contributor

Window on Infinity: Pictures from Space

A comet closes in for a Holiday rendezvous with Earth, while new stars are born in the Elephant Trunk Nebula, and the coldest place in the universe shows its face. In other words, just another month in space.

Window on Infinity: Pictures from Space

From an explosion on the sun to a successful docking of a commercial spacecraft with the International Space Station, to a frog sent accidentally flying by a NASA rocket launch, it was an exciting month in the space biz—unless …

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