EU Discusses Fishing Quotas

Europe’s fishing quotas are designed to protect European waters from over-fishing. They are imperfect instruments, however, and one of their unintended consequences is that they often force fishermen to dump huge amounts of dead, excess fish back into the ocean.

China Environment Minister: Yep, It’s Bad

China’s Environment Minster has published an essay on the web site of his young agency warning that if the nation doesn’t do more to mitigate the environmental consequences of the nation’s economic expansion, things won’t be expanding for long.

Zhou Shengxian writes:

“In China’s thousands of years of civilization, the conflict

A Monkey-Wrenching Environmentalist Goes on Trial in Utah

Tim DeChristopher is nothing if not committed. Back in December of 2008, in the waning days of the Bush Administration, then-27 year-old DeChristopher threw a monkey wrench into a planned Bureau of Land Management (BLM) auction of thousands of acres of public territory in Utah for oil and gas exploration. DeChristopher—a college …

Why Nukes are the Most Urgent Environmental Threat

Environmentalists: Wake up! There is a greater and more urgent threat to the climate than even global warming: the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Why are nuclear bombs an environmental problem? We have long known that a large-scale nuclear war would lead to a sudden change in climate—called a nuclear winter—that could …

Guam Now One of the Shark-Friendliest Places on Earth

If you’re a shark, the Pacific Islands are not a bad place to be these days. Yesterday, the Senate of Guam followed Hawaii’s lead and became the third region to move to ban the sale, possession and distribution of shark products in the U.S. territory. Hawaii was the first U.S. state to make the move last year, followed by the …

The Once and Future Southwestern Mega-Drought

Lately, I’ve stopped worrying about climate change. Wait, that’s not quite right. But I only have so much worry bandwidth, and what is keeping me up at night lately is scarcenomoics, the idea that in a finite world, we may be hitting limits on some natural resources. Climate change doesn’t even have to play a major role in these fears, …

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