Environmental Groups Sue the FDA Over Antibiotics and Meat Production

Chances are your hamburger is on drugs. Not the illegal kind—probably—but the medicinal sort. Though the statistics are fuzzy, environmentalists and sustainable food advocates believes vast amounts of antibiotics are delivered at low levels to farm animals, to promote rapid growth and produce meat more cheaply. According to a

How to Prepare a Vegan Banquet

This is a guest post from TIME’s Kayla Webley:

As a full-fledged carnivore, I attended Farm Sanctuary’s 25th Anniversary Gala last weekend to eat a three-course vegan meal. Having been a vegetarian in years past and as a general lover of tofu, quinoa and other vegan staples, I was very open to the evening’s eats.

During the …

EU Fishing Debate Heats Up

In March, I wrote about how the European Union had resolved to stop the process of legal dumping of fish in European waters. Fishing quotas set up to protect stocks from over-fishing has led European fishermen to (legally) discard portions of large catches so as to avoid coming to shore with a haul that exceeds their legal limit. The …

Put Down That Spoon and Back Away From The Soup

The last place you’d expect to see the folks from CSI sleuthing around is the bowl of soup you’re having for lunch — unless, of course, you’re having shark fin soup. In that case, you may be enabling an environmental crime, and now there’s DNA evidence that can give you away.

People who grew up on shark fin soup insist the stuff is …

Brand Fukushima: Can Fishing and Farming Recover?

In the fishing town of Iwaki, uni is sold in the local market steamed, on the clamshell. Starting each May, free divers wearing weight belts and flippers gather urchin from a small cove and haul the spiny globes to shore in woven baskets. For years, tourists have been coming to this port in Fukushima prefecture to taste Iwaki’s uni, …

Eat Seafood. A Little Bit. And Mostly Plants.

I met Barton Seaver about a year ago, on a TED expedition to the Galapagos Islands. We were there as part of oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s TED wish—she had brought scientists, celebrities, financiers and a few writers on board a National Geographic ship to talk about the best ways to protect the world’s oceans. During the day passengers …

Beware the Fukushima Sushi

Few American consumers would mourn the loss of the anchovy. If it weren’t for pizza or Caesar salads, there might be no use for the little salty fish at all. But few people want to see the ocean’s anchovy stocks wiped out by radiation either. That’s just the scenario that seemed to be developing, however, when reports coming out of Japan …

Silence the Cows and Save the Planet

Flatulent cows are not a laughing matter. (Pause.) OK, they are a laughing matter. And flatulent sheep and goats are almost as funny — though not to the chickens and pigs in the pen next door. But pull-my-hoof livestock are a problem too.

The emissions produced by nature’s woodwind section contain a nasty mix of many gasses, among …

China on Food Safety: Seriously, This Time We Mean It.

As the National People’s Congress kicks off in Beijing, Chinese leaders’ priorities for the nation were rolled out over the weekend in the 11th five-year plan (2011-2015). Among those priorities, which include pledges to improve pollution, increase clean energy production and reduce the nation’s yawning wealth gap, is tackling …

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