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5 Questions With Farm Sanctuary President Gene Baur

A guest post from TIME’s Feifei Sun:

In 1986, Gene Baur started selling veggie dogs out of his aqua blue Volkswagen van to raise money for Farm Sanctuary, an animal rights organization he co-founded with his then-wife. This May, Baur hopped back into his van to embark on a road trip across America, called the Just Eats Tour (which …

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How To Feed The World By Going Veggie

I don’t eat bacon cheeseburgers. About three years ago I gave up red meat and pork. I am American, and brother do I love bacon cheeseburgers. But I decided that as part of the imperfect project of trying to live a decent, moral life, I could no longer chow down on bacon cheeseburgers. I could not put my preference for the taste of a …