The Gore Files

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The National Enquirer—the once-scorned supermarket tabloid that scooped the mainstream press on John Edwards’ extramarital affair—broke a story yesterday about a masseuse in Portland Oregon, who claimed that Al Gore tried to force her to have sex with him and subjected her to “unwanted sexual touching.” Detectives at the time passed on the case due to a lack of evidence, but this month the woman got back in touch with police and asked for copies of the incident report, claiming she wanted to give them to the media. (This was around the same time when Gore and his wife Tipper announced that they were separating after more than 40 years of marriage. Gore’s attorneys have called the claims “completely false.” It’s not clear where the story goes from here, but the Portland police have said there’s not enough evidence in the nearly four-year-old case to bring charges against Gore. I don’t have much more to add—and that includes various Gore-related puns—but TPM has an exhaustive run down of the case if you’re interested.