TED Takes on the Oil Spill

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I’m in Washington DC today to attend the TEDxOilSpill conference. As I wrote in an earlier post, TED is a California-based nonprofits that puts on conferences that connect very smart—and sometimes very wealthy—together to discuss outside the box approaches to global problems. And if there’s one problem that needs some outside the box thinking, it’s the oil spill, which has confounded some of the smartest people on the planet. The organizers behind TEDxOilSpill have lined up some great speakers, including the oceanographer Sylvia Earle, the energy expert Amory Lovins, and Phil Radford, the head of Greenpeace USA. They also sent out a team of photographers to the Gulf of Mexico to record images and video of the spill itself—we’ll be seeing that here. I’ll be blogging about the event during the day, but you can watch the live stream here.