Earth Photobombs Saturn

NASA's Cassini took a gorgeous photo of Saturn, with our own planet in the background

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A remarkable image released by NASA Tuesday displays Saturn, a behemoth among the planets, in all its many-ringed glory. The high-resolution image, spanning a jaw-dropping 404,880 miles of planet and space, is a mosaic of 141 photos taken by a camera aboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

At the bottom right of the planet in the image, nestled in the background between Saturn’s blue outer ring and the golden inner rings, is a tiny speck — a “mote of dust,” as Carl Sagan once said. That’s us.

According to NASA, this represents the first time the people of Earth were warned before someone snapped a picture of them from outer space. Did you say cheese?

Click HERE to see a the big, high-res, unlabeled photo from NASA.