Bryan Walsh

I'm a senior writer for TIME magazine, covering energy and the environment—and also, occasionally, scary diseases. Previously I was the Tokyo bureau chief for TIME, and reported from Hong Kong on health, the environment and the arts. I live in Brooklyn.

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Obama Calls for Energy Reform—But Doesn’t Mention a Carbon Cap

It may be time to bury cap-and-trade.

Speaking in his first prime-time televised address from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama hit a range of topics. He promised the people of the Gulf Coast, and the rest of the country, that his Administration would do whatever it took to fight the BP oil spill—while warning us that it would …

Ecocentric Ecocentric

New Gov’t Estimate: Even More Oil Spilling

A new report from the government’s Flow Rate Technical Group, charged with clocking the speed of the Gulf oil leak, has just been released and it’s not good: the new estimate is 35,000 to 60,000 barrels a day. That’s a significant increase from the most recent count, nearly a week ago, which put the leak at between 20,000 and 40,000 …

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White-Nose Syndrome Kills Bats Dead

If white-nose syndrome attacked a cuter species, we’d be all over it. But just because bats that are being afflicted—and not cute bunnies—doesn’t make the sudden spread of this disease any less worrying. Today the Center for Biological Diversity reported an outbreak of the disease in a new species of bat, the southeastern myotis, in …

Ecocentric Ecocentric

EPA Says Senate Climate Bill Won’t Be Costly

While the Socratic exercise that is the House hearings on Big Oil go on—and on, and on—this afternoon, it’s not the only piece of energy and environmental news today. The Environmental Protection Agency released today its preliminary economic analysis of climate and energy bill co-sponsored by Senators John Kerry and Joseph …

Ecocentric Ecocentric

Could the BP Oil Spill Help the U.S. Get Beyond Petroleum?

Though you wouldn’t know it from the words chosen by angry American politicians—who can’t stop talking about the company’s Englishness—BP’s name doesn’t actually stand for British Petroleum anymore. The name was changed back in 2001, a few years after what was then British Petroleum—which in its early years had been the British …

Ecocentric Ecocentric

Thinking Outside the Box on the Oil Spill

If there were ever a time and place for “so crazy it might just work” ideas, it’s the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. More than 50 days after the Deepwater Horizon exploded, the finest minds in the offshore oil industry are still trying to figure out a way to plug the leak for good. Even as the joint BP/government brain trust in Houston …

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