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EU Fishing Debate Heats Up

In March, I wrote about how the European Union had resolved to stop the process of legal dumping of fish in European waters. Fishing quotas set up to protect stocks from over-fishing has led European fishermen to (legally) discard portions of large catches so as to avoid coming to shore with a haul that exceeds their legal limit. The …

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How many did Chernobyl kill? More than 4,000….

April 26 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. I’ll be publishing a story on the day that, with the help of TIME’s Kiev-based stringer James Marson, will show how the effects of the meltdown continue to be felt in the region. Nuclear accidents require the work of generations to clean-up. That’s a troubling …

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Fukushima: Dumping into the Sea

In the safe, sanitized world of nuclear industry brochures, this was surely not supposed to happen: As it struggles to keep four reactors from melting down and thousands of spent fuel assemblies from blowing up, Tepco announced today that it has been forced to dump 11,000 tons of low-level radioactive water into the Pacific …

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Good News for Greens: Science Goes Global

Finally, some good news for environmentalists. China has become the second most dominant publisher of scientific research in the world and within a few years will overtake the U.S., according to a new report.

The People’s Republic published 163,000 of the world’s 1.5 million research papers in major peer-reviewed journals in 2008, …

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Fukushima’s Radiation Round-Up: How Bad Is It?

The world is finely attuned to nuclear disaster. In the past two weeks, global monitoring stations designed to detect the detonation of atomic bombs began alerting the world to what it already knew: a disaster was unfolding at Fukushima nuclear power plant, and radioactive particles had escaped. Radioactivity is a devilish thing to …

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