Going Green

The Top 10 Green Stories of 2011

It’s nearly the end of the year, which mean’s there’s no escape—the Top 10 lists are on their way. We at TIME magazine pride ourselves on creating the Top 10 of Everything, and while technically that’s probably not true, we …

Sigh. The GOP Cites “Global Cooling.” Again

There ought to be a special place in honesty jail for people who say presposterously wrong things publicly — and know full well they’re doing so. If such a place exists, it’s time to turn down Newt Gringrich’s bed and place a mint on his pillow, because he’s headed there for a long stay.

Last week, on a tour of New Hampshire, the …

Fashion: Why Green Is Not The New Black

Part of the challenge of the environmental movement in the developed world is to get people to look more deeply into their lifestyles and consumer choices: to see, for example, that cellophane-wrapped beef probably comes from a cow that fed on grain grown on land cleared of rain forest, which accelerates climate change.
But while …

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