Window on Infinity: Pictures from Space

A comet closes in for a Holiday rendezvous with Earth, while new stars are born in the Elephant Trunk Nebula, and the coldest place in the universe shows its face. In other words, just another month in space.

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More Photography from Time


100 billion galaxies, each consists of 100 billion stars and many more planets, the result must be a mind blowing number. It would be most difficult to imagine all these come from the Big Bang singularity.

Big Bang would have happened, but there might be countless similar ones. The universe could have existed long in the infinite past before the Big Bang, permeated with dark energy, with infinite space. Big Bangs occurred at different corners of the universe and different epochs billions of years apart and tens of billions of years ago, triggering the transformations of part of dark energy everywhere to visible matters that then coagulated to form stars and galaxies.

As methods of detecting and observing distant galaxies get better, more galaxies are found (visible or otherwise), moving further and further away into the infinite darkness of space. The universe seems to expand into itself.

Dark energy is there in space, it was, and it shall always be.      (tanboontee)


@btt1943 Pretty nice to know you infinitely dwell within a moment of God huh?  You said it well; though I'm pretty sure you had other dimensions in mind that you withheld from articulation.