Nobel Jury Member Calls Physics Prize ‘Wrong’

Argues that the groundbreaking CERN lab that finally discovered the ‘god particle’ deserved more than a nod

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Yves Herman / Reuters

Belgian physicist Francois Englert reacts as he appears at the balcony of his house in Brussels October 8, 2013, after he and Britain's Peter Higgs won the 2013 Nobel prize for physics.

There were no high odds on this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics going to the discoverers of Higgs Boson, the so-called ‘God particle’ — still, a member of the Nobel jury called the decision ‘wrong.’

Anders Barany, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, told AFP that the CERN laboratory where the particle was finally spotted, should have been recognized together with laureates Francois Englert and Peter Higgs. The announcement of the prize, delayed for an hour due to “a lot of discussion,” only mentioned the Swiss lab in a brief note accompanying the decision.

“It’s too watered down,” Barany said. “I think those experimental researchers have done incredibly fantastic work and should be rewarded.”

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