WATCH: Scientists Unveil ‘Invisibility Cloak’ and Make Teddy Bear Disappear

Hey, all great technologies have to start somewhere

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Singapore Now

Nanyan Technological University has unveiled a prismatic donut that bends light around an object.

It’s not exactly the cloak from Harry Potter, but scientists in Singapore recently unveiled a chamber of light-bending glass that promises to bring us muggles one step closer to Hogwarts territory.

Those wizards at Nanyan Technological University have released a video of the technological breakthrough, below. It’s essentially a prismatic donut, the Straits Times reports

Place a small object in its hole, and light from behind the object will refract through a series of glass wedges around and to the front of it. Voila, the object vanishes behind a slightly blurred, rainbow-tinted reflection of its backdrop.

The technology could have useful applications in security and defense. It could also have useless and fun applications in everyday life. Those escapist fantasies will have to wait, however, as its inventors predict the technology could take another 50 years to mature into a commercial product. All the more time to plot that grand entrance.